Republic of Estibordo (English)
República do Estibordo (Portuguese)
Timeline: Game of Nations
Flag of Colonial Estibordo XXXX — present
Traditional Flag of Estibordo.png Coat of Arms of Estibordo.png
Coat of arms
Liberdade e Prosperidade
Um Propósito Comum
Estibordo Map.png
Estibordo, with states outlined
Largest city Algeriz
Official languages Portuguese
Regional Languages Aboriginal Languages
Ethnic groups  Mixed - White - Aboriginal
Demonym Estibordan
Government Parliamentary Confederation
 -  President TBD
 -  Prime Minister TBD
Legislature Parliament (Parlamento)
 -  Upper house Senate (Senado)
 -  Lower house Assembly (Assembléia)
 -  Discovery by Manoel de Paredes 6 September 1678 
 -  Establishment of Colonies 25 August 1683 
 -  War of Independence DD MM YEAR 
 -  Internationally Recognized DD MM YEAR 
 -  Land Area 5,162,149 km2 
1,993,117 sq mi 
 -  2010 census 25,634,215 
GDP (PPP) 2015 estimate
 -  Total $1.596 trillion 
 -  Per capita $62,257 
Currency Estibordan Porção (EPR)

The Republic of Estibordo (Portuguese: República do Estibordo) is a large Australian confederation. Comprising the majority of the Australian mainland, Estibordo also occupies a number of outlying islands including the medium-sized southern island of São Tomás. Estibordo shares its only land border with Cygnia in the west.

As a confederation, each state maintains relative sovereignty and control over domestic affairs. This, and the Portuguese colonization of the late 1600s, has led to great disparity between the wealthier eastern and southern coasts and the inland, desert regions.


The history of Estibordo dates back approximately 40,000 years ago with the island's settlement by the aboriginal populations that originally came from Southeast Asia to Oceania. The Island was first discovered by Europeans (specifically Manoel de Paredes of Portugal) in 1678. Soon thereafter, a trading post was established at Venâncio in 1683. The colony expanded substantially until it occupied the majority of the Australian continent - eventually abutting the early Cygnian colonies in the west.

Before Discovery

The first inhabitants of what is today Estibordo entered the Australian continent as early as 70,000 years ago from Southeast Asia. Leading theorists posit that the Australian continent was more closely connected with mainland Asia. The earliest human remains in the continent were found in [ATL NSW] and date back to 40,000 to 68,000 years ago.



By Manoel de Paredes of Portugal, in 1678


By the Portuguese


From the Portuguese

Fascist Rule

Great Australian War


Political Parties


São Tomás

Island to the south of the mainland (OTL Tasmania)


OTL Victoria

Baía Prateada

OTL Northern Territory


OTL Queensland


Desert territory


The economy of Estibordo is a mixed-market with many essential services (from healthcare to media to industry) provided by local state governments. In many ways, Estibordo follows the tenets of a socialist economy, leading to a relatively low inequality between individuals in the same state.






Art and Architecture

Music and Literature

Foreign Relations

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