Republic of Essequibo
Timeline: Regnum Bueno

OTL equivalent: Eastern Venezuela, Guianas, The Brazilian states of Amapá, Roraima, portions of Amazonas and Pará
Taiwanold Coat of arms of Venezuela (1954-2006)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Essequibo

Liberdade e Progresso!
("Liberty and Progress!")

Anthem "Essequiboan National Anthem"
Capital Petrópolis
Largest city Belem
Other cities


  others Spanish
Religion Secular state
Government Presidential republic
President Nicolau Maduro
Area 1,780,986 km²
Population 55,204,044 hab.
Independence from United Kingdom of Portugal, Essequibo, and the Algarves
  declared 7 September 1822
  recognized 29 August 1825
Currency Real
Calling Code +58
Internet TLD .eq

Essequibo, officially the Republic of Essequibo (Portuguese: República do Essequibo), is a republic located on the northern coast of South America. It is bordered by New Granada to the west, San Paulo to the south, San Martin to the southwest, Equatorian Confederation to the east, and the Caribbean Sea to the north.

Essequibo is considered a state with extremely high biodiversity, with habitats ranging from the Andes Mountains in the west to the Amazon Basin rain-forest in the south, via extensive llanos plains and Caribbean coast in the center and the Orinoco River Delta in the east. Is member of the Lusophone Union.

The country became a republic in 1934, after the Great Depression, which affected the country's economy and politics, as well. The King Pedro III suffered a coup d'etat and became exiled in Normandy, France. The first elected president was the civilian, José Carneiro.

During the Cold War, Essequibo became known worldwide by the oppositions against the United States and the Soviet Union, which also provocated a flop on their relations with San Paulo. This time, the country was tending by social-liberal politics, influenced by the counterculture of the 60's. A mass immigration came from San Paulo during that period. The Jonestown, established by the cult leader, Jim Jones, was founded in almost the same era.