Essen Abbey
Stift Essen
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Electorate of Cologne
Official languages German, Latin
Religion Catholic
Government Frauenstift | Imperial Immediacy
Patron saint Saint Adelphina of Essen

Essen is an imperial abbey of canonesses regular and secular canonesses for women from all backgrounds. It gained imperial immediacy between 874 and 947, and gained princely status of the Holy Roman Empire in 1228.



Foreign Policy


Princess-Abbesses of Essen (1400 - Present)

Please note that from 1543 onwards, Princess-Abbesses of Essen were also known as Abbess-Generals of the Order of St Adelphina (Adelphinian Canonesses).

  • Elisabeth III of Nassau (1400 - 1401)
  • St Adelphina of Nassau (1401 - 1420)
  • Margarete of the Mark-Arensburg (1421 - 1440)
  • Sophia von Daun-Oberstein (1441 - 1497)
  • Meina von Daun-Obersetin (1497 - 1539)
  • Hadwig Baumann (Hadwig II) (1539 - 1596)
  • Isengard Bauer (1597 - 1674)
  • Anniken Fischer (1675 - 1744)
  • Marie-Therese Weber (1744 - Present)

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