Previous Killer Escapes to the Exterior (CYOAH)

Using an assumed name, you escape to Strasbourg, in Alsace-Lorraine, then from there to Paris. You remain in Paris for nearly five months, constantly moving from place to place to keep the Nazi's off your tail. However, the Nazis, weakened by the death of Hitler, are now fighting among themselves to try to assume the leadership of the party. The result was that the infighting resulted in even more deaths, as Himmler, Ernest Rohm and Göring were also assassinated, and Göbbels was seriously wounded, and was forced to quit the party. In the end, the party was dissolved, with the few members who remained until the end joining several right-wing groups.

But the Communists used this time to re-brand themselves, and created a true "National Socialism," where the internal concepts of Communism would be used, while the nationalist rhetoric that had proved so successful to the now-disbanded Nazi Party would be the standpoint. The Communists, led by Ernst Thälmann, won the election in 1932, and within months the Communist Party had taken over Germany, and began the process of turning the nation into the German Socialist Union. Stalin welcomed the move, and signed an alliance with them, which secretly divided Eastern Europe between the two.

What is the first target of the new USSR-GSU pact?

Tbguy1992 00:22, August 7, 2010