Timeline:Morgen die ganze Welt spinoff

January 20 1969
Washington D.C.

Robert F. Kennedy swore to uphold the constitution today as the 36th President of the United States. Several key states included Zacatecas, Sonora and Ontario, with RFK and his running mate Ronald Reagan barely clinching Ontario against Noam Chomsky (who was very hawkish ATL) and his running mate Governor Jimmy Carter of Georgia. Kennedy vowed in his inaugural address to "ensure that the United States will gain every advantage possible against the Third Reich."

January 21 1969 
Washington D.C.

True to his word, Kennedy begins by increasing DoD spending as well as encouraging the space programme. Kennedy also got the CIA to offer incentives for scientists to defect. On Sergei Koryolev's advice, the Pentagon sets up a space research facility in the Northwest territories.

January 29 1969 
Washington D.C.
March 5 1969 
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Georgy Zhukov dies at noon in his bed, from war wounds. It is learned that the US government gave him refuge from Stalin and he was a key CIA advisor since his defection in 1943.

March 8 1972

US Astronauts set off for Mars for three days.

April 2 1976
Arlington Virginia

Kennedy learns from the CIA that Germany's economy is very weak since it relies entirely on slave labour. As a lame duck, RFK signs an executive order allowing for "economic sabotage"

October 8 1976 

Jimmy Carter of Georgia wins the election against George H W Bush of Texas.

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