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Empire of the Erzya
Eŕźań Mastor
Royal anthem: 
Ravijaŧ karkseziemsa erziań zyrniasta pulaj.
Erzya and moksha.jpg
Largest largest city Saran Osh
Official languages Erzya
Regional Languages Moksha, Russian, Tatar
English English
Ethnic groups (2013) Erzya, Moksha, Shoksha, Qaratay, other Uralic
Religion Starovery (official), Mastorava, Orthodoxy
Demonym Erzya
Government Absolute Monarchy
 -  Emperor Avvakum V
 -  First of Ministers Jovlan’ Olo
Legislature Parliament of Mother Rava
 -  Upper house House of Victory
 -  Lower house House of the Erzya
Currency Erzya Ruble (ERU)
Time zone UTC (UTC0)
Date formats DD/MM/YYYY

Erzonia, officially the Realm of the Erzya (In Erzya, Eŕźań Mastor, alternatively the Empire of the Erzya, in Erzya Eŕźań èjstè) is a nation located in the Idel-Ural region of what once was the Russian Empire. Bordered by the Khanate of Kazan to the east and other formerly Russian states to the south and west, Erzonia is one of the easternmost fully civilised and centralised nations of the Russian Empire. Erzonia is a theocratic absolute monarchy controlled by the Old Believer faith, led by the Patriarch and Emperor Avvakum V. Together with a puppet legislature officially elected by a (heavily gerrymandered and limited) suffrage, Erzonia's power is fully concentrated in the hands of the nobles, but the nation is stable and even prosperous, making off money both through gifts of other nations thanking it for fighting against the most warlike parts of the Kazan Khanate and by large amounts of trade through the Volga (Rav) river, which the Erzya completely adore.