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A History where the Free Wales Army seizes power after the flooding of Certain Welsh towns to supply water to Liverpool.

Timeline of Eryr Wen

1965: Welsh town of Trywern flooded to create reservoir for City of Liverpool.

1966: Welsh protests broken up by North Wales Police Force. Leads to rise of Free Wales Army or the Byddin Rhyddin Cymru and the assassination of Prime Minister James Harold Wilson of the Labour Party. Wales comes under Military occupation.

1967: Founder William Julian Cayo-Evans is shot at gunpoint by Troops after the St.Davids Rising in Cardiff. Prime Minister James Callaghan is present.

1968: James Callaghan killed by FWA Gwirfoddolwr Platoons from De Ddwyrain. Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher calls for complete Militarization of Wales.

1969: The FWA forces storm Caernarfon Castle and kill the Royal Family.

1970: Plaid Cymru forms Political alliance with the FWA. March First proclamation declares First Republic of Wales. Gwynfor Evans is First President.

1971: United Kingdom of Great Britain declares Wales a Dominion. Queen Margaret gives Wales her Oldest son as Ruler of Dominion of Wales.

1973: Lord David of Wales killed with pro-Treaty Plaid Cymru leaders. The FWA takes over.

1974: Cadlwydd Cadfridog Dafydd Elis-Thomas is proclaimed President of the State of Cymru.

1976: CC Dafydd begins "Fe godwn ni eto" after taking control of the Scilly Islands.

1978: Socialist Rebels or Cymru Goch set off 4 bombs in Cardiff Cathedral killing 4 people. This leads to the Cymry Government not recognizing the Soviet Union and all Communist Countries.

1982: Italo-Cymry anti-Terrorist save James L.Dozier a United States General.

1985: Cymru joins the European Union.

1991: Cymru loses in the Final of the Rugby Union World Cup.

1998: Dafydd overthrown by Corfforol Mark Jones of the Faboed achos Ryddid or the Youth for Freedom.

2003: The Rhyddha Chydwladwyr or Free Compatriots regiment sent to Iraq.

2007: All Cymry forces retracted from Iraq.

2010: A Cultural resurgency in Wales leads to a new Monarchy completely independent of England. Led by self proclaimed Prince of Powys Tomos ap Maredudd ( This was known not to be his birth name), the rebellion gathered enough force to displace English rule forming independent Wales.

List of Nations

Political Organizations




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