Erwin von Tirpitz
Erwin in 1857
Born 5th July 1828
Brandenburg, Prussia
Died 1st August 1857
Vienna, Danubian Federation
Known for Leader in the Royalist Army
Title Chancellor of Silesia
Term 1856-1857
Predecessor Sir Alexander Herman
Successor Günther Knittel
Political party All-Danubian Conserative Party
Religion Catholic

Erwin von Tirpitz is a character in the interactive AAR A Federation of Equals.


Erwin von Tirpitz grew up in a wealth Aristocratic Prussian family. Even with this life, though, Erwin had a hard up bringing being a Catholic in a Protestant country he often faced discrimnation, this ultimately forced him to move to a more Catholic country, Bavaria. Living in Bavaria from the age of 20 to 27 Erwin started to settle down and was thinking about marrying someone. Yet when he was about to propose the worst thing happened: his cousin, Otto was announced dead - assassinated. This shocked his life and, indeed, much of the Prussia Aristocrats as it is often believed that Otto was assassinated for being a Monarchist.

At the age of 28 Erwin moved to Silesia with in the Danubian Federation at request from his late Cousin to continue his life goal. Erwin quickly one a Bi-Election to decide who would replace his Cousin as Councilor, though most historians agree he won solely based on his family name. After he made it into congress he became quick friends with Sir Alexander Herman, and they secretly made the Dictator Pact. This Pact was that one of them would always be Chancellor and that they would rule with absolute power behind the scenes. This went unnoticed for their whole regime and, in fact, it was only made known after Erwin's death.

Erwin von Tirpitz, in the 1856 election was appointed Foreign Minister to the A-DCP. Though when Jovan Lilic another close friend started a coup to make a monarch, Erwin joined, with him Sir Alexander Herman, John Skala, Konstantin Vranjković, Friedrich Kraus, Alexander Kremvera, and Elias de Sanctis. When Elias de Sanctis got assassinated the entire Royalist cause faltered - they had no new monarch no war hero to rally behind. Yet the finnal blow came when Jovan Lilic defected witht that morale plummited and there was no real hope left for the Royalists.


On 1st August 1857 Erwin von Tirpitz was executed for treason, yet before his death he valiantly fought he fought not for his life but for his beliefs he spoke out against Popa and several other councilors and debated against them knowing he would was a dead man. This let him debate with out fear and eventually all their tyrannical acts were stopped. Unfotrunatly Erwin von Tirpitz is still known as a Traitor.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Erwin von Tirpitz usrped the Reserve powrs of the King during the Civil war
  • He's popularly known as the 'Brave' in Silesia
  • He personally lead the Silesian Militia During the Civil war
  • He created the Position of Captain General of the Royal Silesia Guards
  • He created the Royal Silesian Guards
  • His last words were 'Long Live the King'