Erwin Johannes Eugel Rommel (November 15, 1891 - March 28, 1969) was a German Center Party politician who served as Chancellor of Germany from 1951 until his retirement from politics in 1960. He headed four coalition governments during the early years of the Cold War, formulating what became known as the "Rommel Doctrine," described as a policy of containment of communism. Domestically, he expanded the Autobahn system and invested in the first high-speed rail system in Europe and oversaw the greatest economic boom in the Western world since the Industrial Revolution. Rommel's nine-year Chancellorship was also the longest consecutive time in power of the 20th century until Helmut Kohl and provided a stability that had been elusive during the seven different Chancellorships from the disbandment of the War Government following the end of the war in early 1946.

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