King Erik XVII of Sweden, Northern Norway and Mecklenburg (from where his Obodrite dynasty origined) was born in 1615 as the son of Erik XVI of Sweden and his wife.

In 1640, he founded the Baltic League together with Prussia, Brandenburg-Silesia and Franconia-Pomerania against possible Polish or Russian threats. However, with time the League became the counterpart of absolutist François IV of France. For this reason, he also agreed in 1657 to give back Braseal (which Sweden had occupied in 1633) to England, in exchange for an alliance.

Since Erik had no sons, he was succeeded by his daughter Kristina when he died in 1672. He even changed the law of succession in Mecklenburg for her.

United Baltic Duchy flag   Member States of the Baltic League (Chaos TL)   United Baltic Duchy flag
Member States

Brandenburg-Silesia | Franconia-Pomerania | Prussia | Sweden-Norway-Mecklenburg

Prominent Rulers
(founding members in italics)

Dietrich IV | Erik XVII | Johann VIII | Kristina I | Waldemar "Cicero" V

Predecessor: Erik XVII Obodrite (Chaos) Successor:
Erik XVI Erik XVII

King of Sweden

Kristina I
Erich I Erich II

Duke of Mecklenburg

Christine I

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