220px-Bundesarchiv Bild 183-H01757, Erich von Manstein

Erich von Manstein, Wehrmacht General

Erich von Manstein was a German General who served in the Invasion of the United States and the Kel'recan Insurrection.

Von Manstein lead the sweeping of the American Midwest in 1942, with the help of Zheronian spaceships and logistics, mainly a sophisticated form of radar. Von Manstein made the capital of German-occupied America the city of St. Louis, spared due to its economically strategic position.

In 1954, von Manstein was aboard the newly refitted Hindenburg on a job as a military atache to the Zheronian planet of Kel'reca. While in orbit, the Hindenberg was attacked by the Kel'recan Liberation Front, allowing von Manstein to provide military assistance to the Zheronians, assistance which ended the Kel'recan Insurrection.

Von Manstein's exploits on Kel'reca were met with enthusiasm by both Reich and Zheronian officials, earning accolades from Adolf Hitler, Vor'Kloren, and Kon'Glaphon. His role in the quelling of the insurrection was dramatized into the Leni Riefenstahl holofilm Aryan Supremacy in Kel'reca, a holofilm which gained great popularity in both Reich and Zheronian circles.

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