The World in 1940

On October 8th 1932, French Fascists took over of the French Government. Known as the October Revolution, this event made France into the leading Superpower of the world, next to the United States and its allies. Soon, these two would settle into the most destructive war in history.

Rise of France

France was in bad shape in 1932. The Great Depression was in full swing,the immense death toll from World War One, and a fear of Communism allowed Fascism to fester in France. One of the most prominent Fascists in France was Jean Clemech. Being a well-known critic of the corrupt government, and the Socialist party gave him a large following and popularity in the French middle class. With his popularity high, and a large group of followers backing him up, he decided to begin his revolution of the French Republic. Staging a sit-in at Paris, he waited for either the French Government or the Communists to make a move, which would allow him to justify a violent overthrow of the Government. He didn't have to wait long for his opening.

Three Days of Revolution

Soon after arriving, the Communists,and Police arrived to challenge Jean, and his followers. Given his opening, Jean authorized the use of violence. Using improvised weapons, personal firearms, and their larger numbers, they manged to overwhelm their opponents. After three days of bloody street battles, Jean and a group of around 300 of his followers stormed the French Presidential Palace. Within two hours, the French Flag was lowered down, and the Fascist Colors were hoisted. Jean soon purged France of all opposition, and installed himself as the Emperor of a New French Empire.

The Flag of the new French Empire

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