First Flag of Equbla, 1899-1922

The People's Republic of Equbla is a nation in most of Africa and currently the most largest and most powerful nations in the both the regions of Africa and the Middle East. Composed of former countries such as Morocco, Lubu, and many others. Founded originally as a scapegoat of the Embassy Wars as a way to unite all nations against rule of others. However, it has a high mortality rate of many, most elderly only live to be 82 years old before dying. It's interests are also associated to nearby countries as Arab Legion and the Greater Khmer Confederacy. It's politics are very narrow, only having few parties. It is only composed of Communistic conservative land for most of its inhabidents.


Capital: Cairo

Largest City: Jeruesalem

Official Language: Arabic

Other Languages: Hebrew, Ethiopian, Armenian,

Type of Government: Provisional Constitutional Republic

Second Flag of Equbla, 1922-Present

Chairman: Abdurrrahim El-Keib

Population: 2,011,134

Currency: Dirhama

Religion: 51% Islamic, 37% Jewish, 6% Catholic, 4% Anglican, .8% Hindu. 1% Buddhist.

Literacy: 75%


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