As the Battle of Mount Fuji ended the hope of NSLA victory died. Krup was executed on November the 11th 2008, before his lethal injection he screamed out a final defiant SIEG HEIL on live television.   This seemed to echo around the world as the little old man closed his eyes for the final time.


Crowds in front of the White House celebrate the end of the NSLA.

In Bill O'Reilly's and Fox's eyes, the death was somewhat anti-climactic, as they hoped that Krup would die a slow and agonizing death, which is understandable due to the grief that he has caused.

Germany and Japan never will recover from their defeat always being slightly behind the rest of the world even in the late 21st century the rest of the world prospers with generally social democracy or capitalism in every country and free press and healthcare in every country including the Soviet Union in which the Socialist Freedom and Workers party won t
Dmitry Medvedev’s interview with CNN (2013-01-27)

Dmitry Medvedev of the Socialist Freedom and Workers.

he first election in 2008 with their candidate Dmitry Medvedev.

By 2011, the USA and USSR will have got their colonization of Mars going, with it projected to be complete in 2061.

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