Union of Monarchist Epicist States
Epicistika Monarkistiska Staternas Union
Flag of the Shugarhai Union Greater coat of arms of Shugarhai Union
Flag Coat of arms

Förenade i mångfalden
"United in diversity"


Till glädjen
"Ode to Joy"

Location of Epicist Union (dark green)
Largest city
Official languages 32 languages
Religion Freedom of Religion
Demonym Eurasian
Epicist (informal)
Government Federal Epicist Elective monarchy
Emperor of Europe and Asia
- Louis II
President of the Eurasian Commission
- Kevin O'Reilly

The Epicist Union is a nation in Eurasia. It covers all of Europe and former Soviet Asia.It also owns portions of China and the Middle East as well as Japan.It has colonies in America and Asia.It is a member of the Union of Earth.



The Union was formed when the 3rd French Empire,Sweden,and Denmark United.

World Wars

It won the Second World War and annexed the Napoleonic Block.It also won the Third World War and annexed the Ottomans.

Fall of the Soviets and China and Japan

In 1940,the Soviets were invaded and by 1945 they were conquered.In 1960,China and Japan were invaded and conquered in 1970.