The Ephelian Civil War was a conflict fought from 477 to 486 between the monarchs of the Ephelian Empire and the English rebels.


In the early 400s, the Casare of Ephelia had conquered England and other states in Great Britain. This aided to the creation of the Ephelian Empire, but it was not a very peaceful empire. It was full of constant rebellion in England.

By 468, the English were granted nominal independence following extreme rebellion near London. But, they were not satisfied. The leaders of English cities and fiefs met in 477 and decided to sue for their independence.

The War

It was an extremely one-sided war. The English armies were somehow incredibly powerful. They were on the defensive from 477-9, but after that they advanced into the heart of Ephelia. By 482, they had the city of Ephelia under siege, and only two other cities in Scotland remained under control of the empire.


The empire was divided following the bloodbath in 486. The newly created English state took all of England, plus much land in Scotland and Wales. Ephelia is given only southeastern Scotland, similar to its borders in 80 AD.

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