The Casare of Ephelia was a city-state ruled by the Hawk tribe between 64 BCE and 411 AD. The country was in Scotland centered around what the Hawk tribesmen believed to be the Oracle of Ephelos.

The Foundation

Following the King Grios War, the Hawk tribe of the Sicans headed north. By 75 BCE, the Hawks were in Britain, searching for a home. Both Romans and local tribes would constantly attack them, but the Hawks finally found a place to settle in 64 BCE. It was at a site on a hill around what appeared to be the Oracle of Ephelos, a holy place in Sican mythology. The Hawks built a city and named it Ephelia. The chief of the Hawk tribe assumed the title of casarche.

First Wave of Expansion

By 84 AD, Ephelia had a large population and a flourishing economy based off of the Oracle of Ephelos. The casarche at the time decided expansion was necessary to further the prosperity of his people. That year, a force of some 50,000 Ephelian troops began an invasion of Scottish clans. It was a greatly successful campaign, and the slaves they captured provided a huge source of income, as well as the land they conquered provided needed room for the Ephelians to grow.

From 218-237 AD, the Ephelians invaded Roman Brittania and northern Gaul. However, the land was not properly defended and the Romans slowly regained it throughout the next 50 years.

Second Wave of Expansion

After almost two centuries of internal development, the Ephelians took another shot at conquest. They began attacking the various states and post-Roman cities of England. By 411 AD, all of Great Britain was under Ephelian control, and the Casare of Ephelia was dissolved-the Ephelian Empire was created.

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