The Enzo Wars were a series of wars fought between the Casare of Zere and Southeast Asian barbarians, Chinese barbarians, and India. The first war began in 229 and the last one ended in 238. They are called the Enzo Wars because of Enzo, a Zerese general who invaded other countries.

First Enzo War/War of Laos

The first Enzo War, called the War of Laos, began in 229 when Enzo attacked the Laotian tribes that destroyed his hometown of An-Dues ten years earlier. The war lasts about three months, and escalates into a conflict with almost every barbarian tribe in Southeastern Asia, in which Enzo quickly defeats.

Second Enzo War/War of the Orient

The second Enzo War began in 231. Enzo recently created a small navy that was patrolling the "Northern Ocean" (what is now called the South China Sea) and was attacked by Chinese pirates on Hainan. Enzo blamed the barbarian tribes on Hainan and quickly invaded. The war lasted a full year and ended in the entire island under Zerese control.

Third Enzo War/Western War

The third and final Enzo War began in 233. Enzo saw India as a frontier that would then provide a gateway to conquer the Roman Republic, which he believed still existed, and recreate the Kingdom of Cycae. Enzo's massive infantry and cavalry were unsuccessful in the first two years of the war, stuck in the delta of the Ganges River unable to advance.

In 235, Enzo led over 100,000 troops into the Himalayas and down into Calcutta, capturing the city. By the end of 236, all of the eastern coast of India was in Zerese hands.

In 237, Enzo launched a huge campaign across central India. While attacking the small fortress at Bhopal, Enzo was killed.

The following year, all of India was under Zerese control, and Enzo never lived to see his final war a success.

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