Enzo was a Zerese general, ethnically of the Dome tribe. He was born in 214 AD and died in 237 AD.

He is mostly remembered for making the Casare of Zere a power and for his ingenious military tactics in the Enzo Wars, which he started.

Early Life

Enzo was born in An-Dues, the second-largest city in Zere, in 214 AD. His parents are unknown. In 219, at the age of five, Laotian barbarians razed the city, killing over two-thirds of its populace, including Enzo's parents. For the rest of his life he swore revenge on the Laotians.

After the burning of An-Dues, Enzo migrated to the city of Zere with a few cousins, his sister, and surviving children from his neighborhood. In 225, the group of kids founded a store that became famous selling an ancient form of megaphones.

Early Military Career

In pre-Enzoic Zere, it was mandatory that all boys seven and older attend military training at least one week every month to help defend the country in war. That meant in 221, Enzo was being trained as a soldier.

By 227, Enzo was the most prominent soldier in his class. In 228, he was sent to fight on a risky battlefield in Northern Laos. 440 of the 600 soldiers in his company died, but Enzo survived and was promoted to colonel in 229.

The Enzo Wars

In 229, without permission, Enzo rounded up 5000 Zerese troops and began conquering Laos and later all of the barbarians of southeast Asia. The campaign was an incredible success and was completed in 3 months.

After this, Enzo was promoted to a general. In 231 he used his brilliance to conquer Hainan, an island near China. From 233-237, he was the top general in charge of the conquest of India.


Enzo was killed at the Battle of Bhopal. His army was moving westward through central India, attacking a small fortress, where an Indian archer shot and killed him. However, his campaign was successful even after his death, and India fully fell to Zere a year later.

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