The Entente of World War V were the victorious party in the Fifth World War. Several members of the Entente collapsed to the Allies. The Entente shifted the war in the mid 1940s and soon won back lost territories which culminated in the capture of Berlin by Scandinavian and Russian troops and the unconditional surrender of China to the United States. Large portions of the Entente were also in the Allies of World War IV and the World Coalition of World War III.


Quadruple Entente

  • Flag of France (A World of Difference) France
  • Flag of Russia (neon) Russia
  • Flag of the Nordic Union YAH Scandinavia
  • US flag with 64 stars by Hellerick United States

Defeated nations

The following nations fell to the Axis at one point or another.

  • Flag of Ireland (A World of Difference) Ireland (surrender to England, 1938)
  • A World of Difference Flag of Japan Japan (conquest by China, 1940)
  • Flag of France (A World of Difference) France (conquest by Spain and the Axis)

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