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The Entente is an alliance which was proposed by the British Empire in 1900. Britain offered it to France, the U.S., Canada and China, though China declines. Britain welcomes Russia into the Entente if they withdraw their interest in the tiny bit of land in Canada. When Russia does not withdraw their interest, Britain and Russia go to war but it soon was put on hold due to the Treaty of Toronto. Britain then offers membership to Persia, promising Russian land. Britain also offered membership to all the South American countries, most of them accepted. By then a war developed between the Central Powers and the Entente called 'World War 1'. Another name for the Entente is the 'allies'.


Britain - AH28

France - Rev9

Canada -


Persia - NPC Member

All the South American countries except from Paraguay and Argentina: NPC Member

Russia (offered in the Treaty of Toronto) -

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