The 1999 English general elections were held on May 2nd, 1999 as per the mandate of the Constitution of the Republic of England that an election be held every three years on the first Sunday of May. All 601 seats in the House of Commons were contested. Going into the election, the incumbent government had 360 seats against 241 for Labour. Labour had lost a net of two seats in by-elections in 1997 and 1998 after having initially had 243 seats in the __th Parliament immediately following the 1996 election.

Out of 601 possible seats, the Labour Party captured 379 seats against 222 won by the Conservatives, marking a 138-seat gain - the largest single gain of seats in Labour Party history and the largest percentage gain since 1966. John Lennon, the leader of the Labour Party, had only held the leadership of his party for fourteen months and had only been an MP for four and a half years, but his status as the former Field Marshal and a major player in the military field for two and a half decades vaulted him to the Premiership in yet another meteoric power jump in English electoral history.

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