The English Volunteers were a right-wing militia organized in the late 1940's with the purported purpose of overthrowing the Socialist government of England and breaking apart many of the stifling bureaucratic institutions imposed upon the English people during the Socialist era. The Volunteers were initially a mostly rural organization enjoying a steady supply of munitions and supplies from smugglers backed by the French government and navy, but by mid-1950 they had a strong presence within northeastern London and much of central England.

The Volunteers were a notoriously violent militia known for indiscriminately murdering civilians and for other various atrocities, which quickly earned them the vitriol of denizens of central English cities and caused the escalation of recruitment by the English Workers' Army, their primary enemy. In 1952 at Norwich, the Volunteers were dealt a crippling blow in which 15,000 men - over half of their membership at the time - were killed during a six-day battle. The Volunteers suffered further blows throughout 1953 as they were systematically hunted and killed throughout Suffolk, their main base of operations for most of the Anarchy. Many military analysts believe that the failure of the French expeditionary force to England in the Anarchy is due to their lack of support from the Volunteers to damage the eastern flank of the EWA stronghold in central England.

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