The 1990 English State Election was held to elect members to the English Parliament, the election was held on the same day as the British Republic general election, 1990.

1990 United Kingdom 1993
English State Election, 1990
All 300 seats to the English Parliament
May 23, 1990 (1990-05-23)
First party Second party Third party
Leader Alan Beith Ian Anderson Margaret Beckett
Party [[Social Liberal|Template:Social Liberal/meta/shortname]] [[BUF|Template:BUF/meta/shortname]] [[Leftist Alliance|Template:Leftist Alliance/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 16th July 1988 3rd September 1989 5th December 1989
Leader's seat North East England London East Midlands
Last election NA NA NA
Seats won 112 98 50
Seat change +112 +88 +50
Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Kenneth Clarke Rosie Barnes
Party [[Conservative Party|Template:Conservative Party/meta/shortname]] [[Social Democratic Party|Template:Social Democratic Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 15th July 1989 3rd March 1988
Leader's seat East Midlands London
Last election NA NA
Seats won 40 10
Seat change +40 +10

Previous First Minister

First Minister-elect
Alan Beith
[[Social Liberal|Template:Social Liberal/meta/shortname]]

Electoral System

The English Parliament contains 300 seats which are elected from 9 multi-member constituencies in which members are elected by closed-list proportional representation with seats allocated by the D'Hondt method. There is also a 5% vote share threshold which parties must pass for their members to be elected.


The election resulted in the formation of a coalition between the Social Liberals and the Leftist Alliance who between each other controlled 162 of the Parliaments 300 seats.

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