Map of England, showing the regions.

England has been divided into six regions since 1993, each with its own capital. These are:

Duchy of Lancaster - capital: Manchester.

East Anglia - capital: Norwich.

Mercia - capital: Birmingham.

Meridia - capital: Brighton.

Northumbria - capital: York..

Wessex - capital: Witonchester (formerly known as Winchester).

This took place because the Federalist Alliance, which evolved from the nationalist and other minority parties after the pact made with Labour shortly after the British General Election, 1988, which included the stipulation that the nations gained complete independence and that Ireland would become a single republic in the last year of the coalition government. As the term wore on, the other minority parties in the government maintained that England should also have more regional autonomy.

Unlike other parts of England, Cornwall became an entirely independent nation like the other British nations.


England is now an association of federal states akin to the Federal Republic of Germany. The English government in Harrogate controls defence, national security, monetary policy and a number of other issues, whereas other policy areas such as education and the infrastructure are decided by the regional governments.

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