The English Judaic Council was a semi-religious organization founded by Donald Sutcliffe in late 1955 to help encourage immigration to and the reconstruction of England during the aftermatn of the Anarchy. While largely a Jewish organization whose initial mission statement described its aspiration to rebuild and restore England's ravaged Jewish population, the EJC eventually came to be a major driver in recruitment of employees of all faiths and ethnicities for various construction jobs and was one of the largest private organizations receiving Phoenix Program funds by the beginning of that policy in 1958. The EJC, by 1962, ran almost 70% of England's homeless shelters, worked hand-in-hand with employers and employees alike to get businesses and construction projects off the ground and actively recruited immigrants on the European continent and in Scotland to come to England to work and settle.

The lauded efforts of the EJC are often attributed to earning their chairman, Donald Sutcliffe, the post of Prime Minister in 1966, and the EJC was also praised for actually bringing the Jewish population of England to a level higher than it was in 1950. While still active today, the EJC removed itself from active view following the termination of the Phoenix Program in 1968, after which they lost a great deal of funding, and declined also due to fatigue amongst membership, the movement of the early 1960's capable leadership into other fields (often politics), their equation with other left-wing labor organizations (despite not organizing a single strike, rally or protest in its entire existence) and, most importantly, due to the surprising recovery of the English economy and national infrastructure by 1970.

Today, the EJC is a national organization that serves as a non-profit forum for England's Jews, helping them find employment opportunities, providing scholarships for universities, and organizing cultural events, although the EJC still provides all of these services to non-Jewish Englishmen as well, in accordance with the 1988 law passed by Parliament to restrict and regulate government funding to non-secular organizations.

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