Scottish and Irish settlers arrive in Iceland during the 400s AD. Due to this Iceland became bed "English-ized" which would mean Iceland eventually would grow more closer to the Brtish Isles than Scandinavia. Iceland would be incorporated into th United Kingdom during the act of union during 1707.


Icelandic War of Independence (English Iceland)

Birth of a country (English Iceland)

Aftermath of the French Revolution (English Iceland)

Napolonic Wars (English Iceland)

The 1820s, 30s and 40s (English Iceland)

Industrial Revolution (English Iceland)

Scramble for Africa (English Iceland)

Late 19th Century (English Iceland)

Prelude to War (English Iceland)

World War One (English Iceland)

Roaring Twenties (English Iceland)

The Great Depression (English Iceland)

Trouble Thirties (English Iceland)

World War Two (English Iceland)

Reconstruction (English Iceland)

The 1950s (English Iceland)

The Cold War (English Iceland)

End of the Century (English Iceland)

War on Terror (English Iceland)

Today (English Iceland)



United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (English Iceland)

Republic of France (English Iceland)

Kingdom of the Netherlands (English Iceland)

Kingdom of Belgium (English Iceland)

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (English Iceland)

Kingdom of Spain (English Iceland)

Republic of Portugal (English Iceland)

Kingdom of Iceland (English Iceland)

Kingdom of Norway (English Iceland)

Kingdom of Sweden (English Iceland)

Kingdom of Denmark (English Iceland)

Austro-German Empire (English Iceland)

Kingdom of Bavaria (English Iceland)

Kingdom of Hanover (English Iceland)

Republic of Italy (English Iceland)

Russian Empire (English Iceland)

United States of the Balkans (English Iceland)

Kingdom of Greece (English Iceland)

Monarchs of Iceland


King William I (English Iceland)

King Alexander I (English Iceland)

King Alexander II (English Iceland)

King William II (English Iceland)

Queen Louise (English Iceland)


King George I (English Iceland)

King William III (English Iceland)

King George II (English Iceland)

Queen Charlotte I (English Iceland)

King Robert I (English Iceland)

King William IV (English Iceland)

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