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Viking Ancestors

While Rome was at its downfall, Vikings,great at preserving culture, came to England and seized Britain, Ireland,and Scotland. This spelled the downfall of the Celts, who never recovered. The Vikings became the Christian English, and started to build a great empire as well as preserving Roman culture. Londinium, a city built by the Romans, was their capital.

Oh! Land in the Americas!

The English were traveling on the seas. One day, they founded Iceland, and the Americas. The English fought the Native Americans and officially conquered them and historians wrote a history of them.

Powers of Africa

Still, English expansion did not stop here. English explorer, Henry Hudson explored Africa.They wiped out many civilizations there, wrote a history of them, and then chased the Roman out.

The British East India Trading Co.

Many English merchants founded India, and soon, Empress Elizabeth became the first empress of India,spreading ideas and adopting many cultures. Soon, they had Southern East Asia, Tibet, Central Asia, Southern Asia, and the Middle east. Roman emperors feared these powerful people and had to flee for their lives.

Crimean War

The English later seized Russia and Mongolia. Manchuria, Japan, and Korea also came to their empire. They also get Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and captured Constantinople, and the Romans sent armies out, but the force misunderstood an order and charged at the English bombards they invented. Soon, the empire was in their control.

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