The English Crusade was a military expedition launched by the Roman Catholic church in 1504 against the heretic McGregorists of England and the rest of the British Isles.


For years the heretic faith based on the teachings of Duncan McGregor, a scottish monk, had been spreading amongst the population of the british isles. It had quickly taken root in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales and with the ascension of William III, a scottish McGregorist, to the throne of England, the faith had begun taking hold in England as well. With the establishment of the Church of Britain and the excommunication of William III, tensions between England and France were high.

French Invasion of England

English Invasion of France

Destruction of Rome


Rome's destruction by McGregorist extremists would see the relocation of the Papacy to Avignon in France, and a long period of French influence over the Papacy.

The first military use of magic between nations would have far reaching affects. England's influence would cause McGregorism to spread to the Netherlands and northern Germany, but the devastation of the French forces and destruction of Rome would galvanise much of the population of Europe against McGregorism for centuries.

With England's occupation of Brittany and William III arranging the marriage of Claude, heir to the duchy of Brittany, to Irish nobleman Brian O'Grady, as well as the eventual conversion of Brittany from a Catholic to a McGregorist state, ended French ambitions to inherit the duchy. Ties to England and then to Britain ensured Brittany's survival as an independent state to this day.

The campaigns in Normandy by the Welsh ogre soldiers of England, and resulting pairings of ogre soldiers and French-Norman women, willing or otherwise, resulted in a number of ogre births in the area, which over the next century resulted a sizeable Norman Ogre population. This would result in eventual enslavement by the french nobility, uprising, and emigration of much of the Norman ogre population. These ogres would go on to establish the Ogre Kingdoms in west central Africa as well as establishing a major presence in Charlesiane and Aquitaine in the New World.

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