The English Commonwealth
Die Engelse Statebond
अंग्रेजी राष्ट्रमंडल
Motto God save the queen! (Eng)
God het die koningin te red (Afrikaans)
भगवान रानी को बचाने के (Hindi)
Type Military Alliance, English rule over Dominions
Purpose/focus Alliance and cooperation of the England and its Dominions
Headquarters Marlborough House
London, England
Membership Flag of England English Empire

Admiral-ensign-Indian-Navy Dominion of Madras
Flag of Australia (Cliche World) Dominion of Australia
Flag of New Zealand (Cliche World) Dominion of New Zealand
Flag of Canada (Cliche World) Dominion of Canada

Flag of South Africa (Cliche World) Dominion of South Africa
Official languages English, Afrikaans, Hindi
Head Queen Elizabeth II

Cliched World English Commonwealth

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