On our timeline, Brazil have been colonized by the Portuguese due to Pedro Alvares Cabral's error on his trip to the indies. Today, many Brazilians think that their country would be just like the United States or another world power if it was colonized by England or another European country like the Netherlands or France. So what would happen if Pedro Alvares Cabral continued his trip to the indies and the English colonized Brazil?

Point of Divergence

In 1500, Pedro Alvares Cabral is sent by the Portuguese government to go to the indies, the Portuguese king Manuel I gives a map of the route they should follow, the route was the same that Vasco da Gama made, Pedro obeys the order that the king made and goes to the indies, Pedro and most of he's fleet die in the middle of the journey. The Brazilian lands remained nearly unexplored until 1562 when French explorers arrived in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhão, meanwhile this the Spanish started to expand in some of the southern lands of Brazil.

Nothing really big happened until 1608 when English ships arrived in Rio Grande do Norte and some near areas of Rio de Janeiro, the English made something similar to the thirteen colonies on Brazil, this made some tensions between the French and English rise, this resulted in some clashes between French and English settlers, the clashes ended with the French expulsion of the Brazilian lands and English consolidation of Brazil as their colony.

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