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English Blockade of Norway (Vikings in the New World)

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English-Norwegian War

June 26, 1103


December 30, 1108


Norwegian Coast


Free use of Norwegian ports by England





Kieran Nicholson

Bardo Tømmervik




Casualties and Losses



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By the early twelfth century, rumors from merchants about Vinland were circulating, with the Byzantines formally finding about it first (in 1101). Merchant ships from England, however, had been picking up messages from Norwegian drifters since the mid 1000's. After this was reported to the English king, he believed that Norway didn't deserve this land in the eye of god, and began a blockade of their main ports.

Norway saw this as an immediate threat to their kingdom, and believed that the English would attempt to invade. Their king sent 250 soldiers down to the ships to battle out control of the ports. England retaliated, and sent more ships down to their ports, mostly full of soldiers. Battles broke out at each of these ports immediately, which led Norway to send down more soldiers to these areas.

A war formed, with the main front taking up the whole Norwegian coast. This series of sporadic battles mostly resulted in England winning them, which lowered the Norwegian army significantly. The war lasted until 1108, when Norway surrendered and allowed the English to use their port cities at will.

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