English America
Timeline: Tudor Line
Flag of England Royal Coat of Arms of England (1399-1603)
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
New Guildford
Other cities Edwardsport
Language English, Welsh, Irish
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnic Group English
Titular King Edward I of America
 English America is a colective term for the english colonies established during the reign of Henry IX and what Edward VI later claimed to be the Kingdom of America, which was the title he often used to show off.


The first ships were partialy sponsored by Henry FitzAlan, 19th Earl of Arundel and indirectly by Henry IX. The ships landed in Chesapeake Bay and established a city of New Guildford by the Potomac in 1571. During the remainder of the century the colonies appeared on the Delmarva Peninsula and as far south as the Neuse River. In 1578 Henry FitzAlan, 20th Earl of Arundel was made Supreme Lord Chancellor of America, only responsible to the king by Edward VI.

The competition for land became obvious pretty quickly, securing a foothold around the Great Lakes, Robert IV and James VI of Scotland expanded south, while Ferdinand I of Spain expanded from Florida towards the north. To stop disputes Edward VI signed a treaty with James to have a border on the Hudson River.

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