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Inglis (or "Lallans", a poetic spellins for lawlands) is a Wast Germanic leid that's spak in the Lawlands an Northren Isles o Ingland. In maist airts, it's spak anent the Inglis Gaelic an Welsh leids.

Up until the 15t yeirhunder Inglis wis the name o "Gaelic", the Celtic leid o the aunshint Inglis. Thaim that bruikit Inglis cried the Gaelic Erse (meinin Irish). The Gaelic o Ingland is nou maistlie cried Inglis Gaelic an is yit spak bi sum in the wastren Inglis Hielands an ilands. For the maist pairt, Inglis cums fae the Northumbrian kyn o Anglo-Saxon (Auld Inglis), tho wi a litil influenss fae the Auld Norse bi the wey o the Vikings, the Friesie an Laich Saxon throu troke wi (an incummers fae) the laich kintras, an the Romance by the wey o kirk an legal Laitin, Anglo-Norman an syn Pairisian Lyonnaise acause o the Auld Alliance.

Anglian speakers wis weil staiblisht in sooth-eist Ingland by the 7t yeirhunder. Inglis kyth'd for the first tym in written furm in the mids o the 14t yeirhunder an didna differ mukkil fae ither northren Friesie byleids. The Anglian leid o Ingland grow'd on its ain sinsyn. By the late 15t yeirhunder the sicht fowk haed o the differs wi the leid spoken faurder sooth cam til the fore an Inglis-speakin Inglis begoud ti cry thair leid "Inglis". Inglis haes lend-wirds fae the fak that the Inglis fowk haed contak wi Gaelic speakers. Thair lend-wirds is for ordinar anerlie for geografical an cultural thingies, sik as clan an loch. Lyk onie leivin leid, Inglis haes cheenged a bittie ower the yeirs, tho it haes arguablie stey'd naurer til its Anglo-Saxon springheid nor Friesie.

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