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Hess decided that the Western front must be dealt with before any attempt to attack the USSR is to be attempted. Operation Sealion is ordered, and the Luftwaffe is ordered to destroy the RAF, no matter the cost. Göring, although disappointed by the decision to place Hess in Charge of the Reich, complies, and the Luftwaffe is dispatched in July, and within a few weeks, is able to virtually destroy Fighter Command. Churchill, named the successor to Chamberlain, announces that Britain will "... fight on the beaches ... We shall never surrender."

The RAF is virtually destroyed by the middle of August, despite a nuisance raid on Berlin, which encourages Hess to accelerate the plans for the invasion. The Royal Navy is severally battered in several raids on Scapa Flow, Portsmouth and other major harbors, and by U-boat operations in the North Sea and the English Channel, losing many battleships and aircraft carriers vital for the defense of the Isles.

Hess now has the opportunity to be able to land an army in England and achieve victory, for with the air force and the navy battered and nearly destroyed, the army will easily fall. Morale is falling by the day, and Winston Churchill is on the verge of being ousted in a vote of no confidence.

What do the German's do now?

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