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The British capitalize on their success in assassinating Himmler. With the German leadership in disarray, now is the time to end the war. The British army, which so recently left the continent in defeat, returns as liberators, as they make amphibious landings on the coast of France. The German army resists, but without coherent direction from their High Command, they can not coordinate their efforts, and the British establish a beachhead. As the British move into France, the nascent French resistance rises up, aiding the British against the Nazis. Paris falls, Ameins falls, all the old battlefields of the 1940 retreat across France are retaken by the British.

Finally, the Nazis are able to play on the lengthening of British supply lines from their beachheads, and set up a defensive line hinging on the former Maginot line and extending across parts of Belgium. The British have run out of steam, having liberated France in almost two months. Now is the time to bring up the reserves, resupply their armies, and plan their next move. What do the British decide to do next?

Break the German defense lines and invade the Low Countries

Hit the Italians

Amphibious landings on the German coastline

The Germans counterattack

Created by: Azecreth 19:30, March 9, 2011 (UTC)

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