Kingdom of England
Timeline: Trainwreck

OTL equivalent: England
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "God Save the King"
(and largest city)
Language English
Religion Church of England
Government Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
  legislature Parliament
King William V
  Royal house: Windsor
Prime Minister Rowan Atkinson
Area 130,395 sq km
50,346 sq mi 
Population 53,013,000 
Independence from the United Kingdom
  declared December 25, 1991
Currency Pound sterling
Time Zone UTC
  summer UTC+1
Calling Code +44
Internet TLD .eng
Organizations New Commonwealth
The Kingdom of England is a country in Europe. It is situated on the island of Great Britain. It is bordered by the People's Republic of Scotland to the north, and by the Principality of Wales to the west.

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