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Kingdom of England and Wales
Kingdom of England
10th Century–1682 Flag of England.svg
Flag of England.svg Royal Coat of Arms of England (1399-1603).svg
Flag Coat of arms
Glory Forever
God save the King
Map of English Earldoms in 1065
Capital Two
  • Winchester (Until 1301)
  • London (After 1301)
Official language Several
Religion Christianity
Government Monarchy
 - First Æthelstan
 - Last Arnold II
 - English Unification mason is a faggot 10th Century
 - English Civil War 1682
Currency Pound Sterling
Today part of England

England, also called The Kingdom of England, or, on occasion, The Kingdom of England and Wales, was a medieval kingdom situated on the British Isles, sharing a border with Scotland and a maritime border with Ireland and France. For most of its existence, England was an economic and political powerhouse, its sphere of influence stretching across the British Isles and North Sea, and often south to France and the Holy Roman Empire. Due to its powerful location, England was widely considered one of the most powerful nations in Europe, even during its traumatic Era of uncertainty.

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