Flag of England
Tudor Rose
Royal Coat of Arms of England (1399-1603)
The Kingdom of England is a country in western Europe. It is ruled by King Henry VIII, the second monarch of the House of Tudor. England is located in the British Isles and occupies the southern half of the island of Great Britain. England also claims control over the island of Ireland by virtue of the King of England being the King of Ireland. England is currently in Phase III: Revenge of the Ships as King Henry looks for money to fund his dream of a large and powerful navy.


1491 Henry VIII

King Henry VIII

The Tudors are the ruling family of England. They came into power after the Wars of the Roses, when the first Tudor monarch, Henry VII, assumed power. He married Elizabeth of York, daughter of King Edward IV and had four children, Arthur, Margaret, Henry, and Mary. Arthur predeceased his father, so Henry went on to be king as Henry VIII. Henry VIII married his brother's widow, Catherine of Aragon, and had six children by her: Mary, who married her first cousin, the King of Scotland; Elizabeth, who married the heir to the Tsar of Russia; Henry, who became the King of Aragon through his mother and married the daughter of Francis I of France; Edward, the Duke of York; Catherine; and Edmund, the Earl of Richmond. He also had two sons from other women, Henry FitzRoy, Duke of Somerset by Elizabeth Blount, and Arthur FitzRoy, Earl of Dorset, by Jane Seymour, and a daughter by Seymour, Anne FitzHenry. Henry's sister Margaret married King James IV of Scotland and had one son, King James V, who married Henry's daughter Mary. Margaret remarried to Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus, and had one daughter, Margaret. Margaret's tense relations with Douglas led her to get a divorce from him in 1533. Henry's other sister Mary first married Louis XII of France with no issue, and then Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, who was a favorite of the king's, despite his marriage to Mary happening without the king's permission. The eldest Brandon child, Henry Brandon, Earl of Lincoln, was another favorite, becoming Lord High Admiral in 1534.
Henry VII
Elizabeth of York
Archibald Douglas
Margaret Tudor
James IV of Scotland
Arthur, Prince of Wales
Catherine of Aragon
Henry VIII
Mary Tudor
Charles Brandon
Margaret Douglas
James V of Scotland
Mary Tudor
Elizabeth Tudor
Ivan IV of Russia
Henry, King of Aragon
Madeleine of Valois
Edward, Duke of York
Catherine Tudor
Edmund, Earl of Richmond
Henry of Wales
Catherine of Wales