King Engilbert of Dertosa
Frankish coin.jpg
Possilbe coinage of Engilbert
1st King of Dertosa
Reign 29 March 426-14 February 451
Predecessor Title created
Successor Childebert
Wives Ingulburt (m.426)
Hunigild (m.426)
Clothilde (m.436)
Issue Childebert


Dynasty Engilberting
Father Theoric
Mother Gaudildis
Born 391
Died Saguntum, Frankish Kingdom of Dertosa

Religion Frankish Paganism
Engilbert (Latin: Engilbertus) was a Frank mercenary commander and later first King and founder of the Kingdom of Dertosa from 426 until his death in 451. He is remembered by the historian as the first true Frankish King.

Starting as a the leader of Frankish mercenaries for the Second Flavian Dynasty, he distinguished himself during the reconquest of Burgundy by Flavius I and Flavius II. In 425, he was hired again by Flavius II for his campaign in Hispania in exchange of receiving some lands from the conquered territories. Due to the failure of the expedition, Engilbert was given a small region of Roman Hispania of fear that he would revolt against the Romans.

At first only serving as the ruler of a buffer zone between the Romans and the Alans, his kingdom gained n prominence following the Second Hispanian War, when his kingdom was attacked by the Alans. After this, he lived his reign mostly in peace, although he frequently had to deal with local revolt from the Iberians.

His death would end the decades of stability and send the kingdom in a civil war that would end with his annexation by the Alan Kingdom. The speed at which his successors sent the kingdom into chaos left him with a reputation of stable ruler and efficient legislator.




Engilbert remained unmarried until his ascension as King, after which he took two wives, Ingulburt and Hunigild. In 436, he felt in love with a woman named Clothilde and took her as his third wife. He had many children with them.

With Ingulburt:

  • Childebert (M):428-16 April 458
  • Frotlildis (F): 431-467
  • Munderic (M):436-06 December 455
  • Avremar (M): 438-August 445

With Hunigild:

  • Adallinda (F):428-478
  • Agilbert (M): 432-07 October 457
  • Rotrude (F): 434-501

With Clothilde:

  • Dagena (F): 439-481

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