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The Enecui Diahoia Pandemic was made up of several outbreaks in the civilised world, for the most part confined solely to the 19th century. It was a bacterial infection most similar to OTL's cholera and originated in eastern India. Since its discovery it has estimated to have killed over 10 million worldwide, but modern treatments and sanitation in first and second world countries has greatly reduced its fatality and prevalence.

  • 1844(1091) A minor outbreak in India killed 3000.

  • 1849(1096)-1862(1109) Third pandemic: In the west mostly confined to large cities (killing a total of over 40 000), but spreading wildly in Sinica and Ulterior Australis, killing approximately 1.4 million. It also spread to sub-Cahra Africa for the first time during expeditions.

  • 1864(1111)-1870(1117) Fourth pandemic: Mostly in the west (including all of north Terranova) and sub-Cahra Africa, but spreading more widely than before. Around 180 000 killed in the Roman west, unknown number killed in Africa. It spread to the Slavic nations, killing around 500 000. Medical advances in Rome were making the disease less and less dangerous.

  • 1867(1114)-1882(1129) outbreak in south Terranova, centred in the Inka Empire, killing 10 000.

Outbreaks in tropical Africa would be common well into the 23rd century.

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