The Empress of France is the wife of the Emperor, and is typically a role that involves many humanitarian and public works programs as an ambassador from the Imperial Office to the people of the Empire and the world.

The following women have been Empress of France:

  • Empress Marie-Louise of France, wife of Napoleon I
  • Empress Félicité, wife of Napoleon II
  • Empress Eugénie, wife of Louis I
  • Empress Gabrielle, wife of Philippe the Great
  • Empress Heloise, wife of Louis II
  • Empress Jacqueline, wife of Napoleon III
  • Empress Francine, wife of Albert I
  • Empress Susanna, wife of Edmond
  • Empress Annabelle, wife of Sebastien I
  • Empress Madeleine, wife of Albert II
  • Empress Carla, wife of Maurice Napoleon I

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