• February 18th, 1516: King Henry VIII of England announces the birth of his son and eventual successor, Prince Martin.
  • March: King Ferdinand II arrives in England to see his grandson. He is noted for raising him up out of his cradle and proclaiming, "All look upon the next Emperor of the West!" Now with an heir relationships between Britain and Spain begin to flourish, and rumors of a potential union begin to appear.


  • Prince Martin of Wales is given title to Aragon.


  • Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, plots an assassination of Prince Martin, who is now widely expected to succeed him. The assassination goes haywire when a young Priest informs the Royal guards outside of Aragon of the attempt. Charles is ousted from office and a temporary council maintains order until Martin succeeds his father.
  • May: Prince Martin marries Madeleine of Valois and becomes King of Scotland.


  • King Henry elects to retire so that his son may become the first Emperor of the West. An alliance is struck between the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdoms of Spain, France, Scotland, and England to form the Empire of the West under Emperor Martin I.


  • The Kingdom of Ireland agrees to join the Empire of the West.
  • Emperor Martin announces the birth of his successor Prince Charles I.


  • Emperor Martin declares that English be made the official language of the Empire. With popularity among the majority of the citizenry the proclamation receives little opposition.


Henry VIII dies.


  • Emperor Martin commissions that the new Imperial Capital be situated in London, and that a New Grand Palace be made in the heart of the city.


  • Emperor Martin commissions the exploration of the New World, and the establishment of a colony on the North American East Coast.


  • Sir Francis Drake makes his landing on the American Eastern Seaboard and declares the new land Martania in honor of the Emperor.


  • Norway joins the Empire after witnessing the Army of the West's success against the Hungarians.


  • Emperor Martin dies in his sleep. The Imperial Palace of Westminster is completed only weeks after his death. His funeral is observed by the pope and his sons Charles, Edward, Henry, and daughter Mary.
  • King Charles I of England assumes control of the Empire, as Emperor Charles the VI.


  • Charles dies of colon cancer while on a military campaign in Poland, his son King Richard IV is crowned as Emperor Richard the I.


  • Emperor Richard grants Martania representation in the Imperial Senate and the Imperial House of Commons.


  • The Empire of the West pushes the Ottomans back into Asian Turkey and Emperor John the Ruthless proclaims Empire of the West as the sole power in Europe.


  • With no male heir Emperor Martin II dies leaving the Empire in Civil War.


  • The War for the Throne ends with Martin II daughter Anne assuming the throne as Empress Anne I. She proclaims representation for all women in the empire in the Imperial Parliament.


  • The Empire of the West begins the Great American War when the collective Indian tribes West of the Mississippi band together in defiance of the Empire.


  • After close to a century of bloody conflict the Indians finally reach a peace with the Empire, they are granted control of the Western Half of North America, while the Empire maintains their dominance in the East.


  • The Slave Revolution begins.


  • General John the Black takes control of the Empire of the West after killing Emperor Edward VII. He grants representation to all citizens of the Empire and gives far more power the the Imperial Parliament. His second act while in office is the redistribution of wealth to the majority of the working class citizens of the Empire.


  • Emperor John the Black begins funding the development of a nuclear weapon.
  • The Soviet Union (Far larger in ATL due to greater hatred towards an truly imperial west.) Invades the Empire's Kingdom of Poland. The Homeland War begins.


  • The Homeland War ends when the Empire drops multiple atomic bombs on the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of Persia.
  • The Empire Annexes all of the old Soviet and Persian Territory.
  • Emperor John the Black begins the enforcement of the Church in the conquered territories.


  • The Second Imperial Civil War begins when the Kingdoms of New England, Martania, Pennsylvania, Florida, Quebec, Ohio, and New Amsterdam declare independence from the Empire as the American Union.


  • The Russian Commonwealth declares independence from the Empire.
  • The Islamic Republic of Persia declares independence from the Empire.


  • The Kingdoms of Poland, Samii, and Greece declare independence from the Empire as the European Federation


  • The Empire of the West officially ceases to exist as the European continent declares the creation of the European Federation, a Parliamentary Democracy.
  • The American Union is established as a Semi-Socialist Democracy, including ever former Kingdom of the Empire East of the Mississippi.


  • The American Union establishes an alliance with the European Federation and the Russian Commonwealth.


  • Speaker of the House (American Union's equivalent of Prime Minister) William Jefferson Clinton (He is not referred to as Bill due to the heavy European influence of the Empire) announces the creation of the world's first manned space program with goal of landing a man on the moon by the year 2000 and a man on Mars by 2010.
  • The European Federation completes the Catholic Inquisition, effectively dismantling the church from any real power.


  • The Russian Commonwealth begins construction of the Zukov Bridge linking the Commonwealth with their former enclave the Republic of Alyeska.
  • The Saudi State, (A Saudi Arabia that is an actual corporate state) announces the creation of a Petroleum alliance to counter the growing powers of the former Empire of the West.


  • The American Union forges the North American Trade Forum with the Eagle Confederacy (the Indian Nation west of the Mississippi.), the Republic of Alyeska, and the Republic of Aztlan; the Russian Commonwealth establishes itself as an observer state.
  • The European Federation elects former Catholic Bishop Anthony Blair as their Prime Minister.