Empire of the Pacific
Naval Ensign of Japan JCOA
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Empire of the Pacific
Anthem ""Kimigayo"
(and largest city)
Language Japaneese
Demonym Japanese
Population 45,747,310 
Established July 95, AD 660
Independence from Unification of southern states
The Empire of the Pacific (太平洋の帝国) formerly known as the (Empire of Japan) is a well known country with a huge trade network and a powerful navy. Currently at war with China, Japanese allies New Zealand and Australia are currently in Hong Kong trying to defend it from China.


The history of this island dates back to the rice kingdoms of Japan. Alternatively, the Kyoto Kingdom invaded many smaller, weaker southern states, claiming it and becoming an empire. The Hokkaido State did the same, taking over the north. In AD 1225, the North and South went to war, ending in the North taking the South's capital, Kyoto. The North had the entire island, and decided to take Korea in 1261, only to see that Mongol forces had took it already. Mongol forces invaded the Japanese island but many forces died in a typhoon. They tried again, but died in a typhoon. They tried again, with Southern forces helping. Mongol and Southern forces took the entire island, and the North surrendered. Mongol forces wanted to take the north part, and the South let them. When the Mongol empire disbanded, Southern forces took over the North. With everything normal now, Japan attempts to take Korea again, only to go to war to China. Japan lost, and their forces were forced back to the island. The emperor was mad and dictated the country. First, he applied strict Buddhist rules. Second, anyone opposing the emperor was shot dead. This continued until AD 1345. Otherwise, China had grown friendly to Japan and created an alliance. This alliance ended in 1610 when Japan and China fought each other for Korea. During that time, samurai took over the country and broke the country into pieces. The Kyoto State once again fought most southern states, but failed. The Kyoto State and Hokkaido State would alliance together, forming the basic Japanese Empire. They led an assault on the other Japanese states, now with the help of Europe. Japan was held together, only to have the capital moved to Edo and the country closed. The USA got mad because of this and invaded Japan. Japan surrendered and it was open again.


At the start of the twentieth century, Japan longed for Korea. In 1910, Japan attacked China, giving it Korea, the land it always wanted. Oh, they also changed Edo to Tokyo. Raising a large army, Japan, from Korea invaded Russia, being victorious. Now, Japan is planning an invasion of many German islands.


A model of the Emperor's house in Tokyo, Japan.


Japan got involved in World War One, so they invaded lots of German islands, that surrendered after a few months of fighting. German troops that fled, got a big force and attacked Singapore. About 500 Japanese, 200 Australian and 1400 British troops volunteered to drive the Germans out, so they attacked the German force. The Germans had a big advantage, having 4000 troops fighting 2100 volunteers, pretty much facing them two to one but they didn't prepare for the weather and a huge rainstorm struck. Japanese troops were use to monsoons, so they made an offensive against the Germans, capturing all of them and killing 500 of them. The Germans did the same in Malta, but they had a 500 strong force. They were met by 500 Japanese and 4000 British. Don't ask me why the British chose to do that, but they heard that 3000 German troops came to Malta. The Germans fled and attacked Italy. Then the 3500 Germans appeared. While they appeared to be leaving the island, British troops attacked the Germans. The Germans were able to capture Naples, though. They thought the British decided to stop the invasion but they were in for a surprise. Italian troops attack from the north, while Britain and Japan attacked the south. The Germans in Italy surrendered. After World War One, Japan went with a boom, but fell shortly forward. Japan invades Manchuria, and a lot of China. World War Two starts. Japan joined the Axis, and invades a lot of islands, including Midway. After Pearl Harbor, The US invades Japan. With the navy it needs, Japan invades the Hawaiian Islands, but fail. Americans drop Little Boy, Fat Man, and Junior, on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Kyoto. Japan surrenders, but keeps its territories.


Today, Japan is a strong empire, with a lot of territories. We hope the Hong Kong attack will end, but Japan is now going to be successful!

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