Empire of San Francisco

Empire SF flag

Imperial flag of San Francisco

Flag of San Francisco
Flag of the City of San Francisco
Capital San Francisco
Government Constitutional federal unicameral representative democratic elective monarchy


  • Senate

Head of state

Head of government

Empress (Helena Arturo)
Currency San Francisco dollar
Language(s) English (none official)
Population Uncertain (well above two thousand)
Internet TLD .com, .gov, .imp
Founded October 1st 1994 (as an independant nation)

The Empire of San Francisco is a new sovereign nation-state that seceded from the United States on the eve of the Anglo-Soviet Invasion.

Seceding from the United States largely in protest against the Harris Administration, the Empire, as it is now referred to politically, has currently declared itself to be neutral in the current North American War.

Despite its claimed neutrality, Empress Helena Arturo has secretly met with the leaders of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union to establish the shipment of supplies and equipment to the Empire in the eventual event of the nation entering the war on the side of Anglo-Soviet Alliance, including receiving training from both the British Special Air Service (SAS) and the Soviet Spetsnaz in guerrilla and other unconventional warfare tactics.


The Harris Administraion and martial law

In 1984, Henry Harris was elected president of the United States and quickly enacted several laws to prevent 'communist insurgents' from flourishing, these laws, though largely national, were largely targeted at the San Francisco Bay Area due to the region's perceived 'liberal' attitudes.

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