The Founding

Flag of the New Roman Empire

The Empire of New Rome was formed in 684 A.D. By The Emperor Trojanii, who ended the great rebellion which lasted over five centuries and killed millions of soldiers on all sides. The main resolution to the war was Trojanii offered to recreate the senate, with more power, and also gave the rights of speech and religion to the people. This would prove to be beneficial, as it became so powerful, the region of Hispania rejoined in 697 A.D.

<tr> <td colspan="3" style="text-align:center;">Motto: 
Jupiter save us!</td> </tr><tr> <td class="anthem" colspan="3" style="line-height:1.2em; text-align:center;">Anthem: 
The Legions of Caesar
Royal anthem: 
For father Trajan
</td> </tr><tr class="mergedtoprow"><th colspan="2">Largest city</th> <td>Roma</td></tr><tr> <th colspan="2" style="vertical-align:middle; white-space:nowrap;">Official languages</th> <td>Latin</td> </tr><tr> <th colspan="2" style="vertical-align:middle; white-space:nowrap;">{{{languages_type}}}</th> <td>Latin, Chinese, German</td> </tr><tr> <td colspan="2">Ethnic groups </td> <td>Roman, Hispanian, Chinese, Germanic</td> </tr><tr> <th colspan="2">Demonym</th> <td>Roman </td> </tr><tr> <th colspan="2">Government</th> <td>Monarchical Republic</td> </tr><tr class="mergedrow"> <td style="width:1em; padding:0 0 0 0.6em;"> - </td> <td style="padding-left:0em;">Emperor</td> <td>Trajan XII</td> </tr><tr class="mergedrow"> <td style="width:1em; padding:0 0 0 0.6em;"> - </td> <td style="padding-left:0em;">Superior Minister</td> <td>Marius Constantine</td> </tr><tr class="mergedbottomrow"> <td style="width:1em; padding:0 0 0 0.6em;"> - </td> <td style="padding-left:0em;">Lower Minister</td> <td>Leonardo Aristine</td> </tr><tr> <th colspan="2">Legislature</th> <td>Legiferi</td> </tr><tr class="mergedrow"> <td style="width:1.0em;padding:0 0 0 0.6em;"> - </td> <td style="padding-left:0;">Upper house</td> <td>Senatus</td> </tr><tr class="mergedbottomrow"> <td style="width:1.0em;padding:0 0 0 0.6em;"> - </td> <td style="padding-left:0;">Lower house</td> <td>Domus</td> </tr><tr class="mergedtoprow"> <th colspan="3">Population</th> </tr><tr class="mergedrow"> <td style="width:1em; padding:0 0 0 0.6em;"> - </td> <td style="padding-left:0em;"> census</td> <td>257,734,328 </td> </tr> </table>

Early Years

After the formation was completed, Rome sought to avoid war, although they were ready for it at any moment, and instead focus on alliance with its neighbors. The surrounding nations however, would be hard to convince at the time, due to the fact that they were all theocracies of Christianity, while Rome was a Roman Pagan State, which would mean issues were very sensitive.

The Empire of New RomeTimeline: 684 A.D. - Present
  74 Years   </center>