Mexican Empire
Imperio Mexicano
Flag 1000px-Coat of arms of Mexico (1864-1867) svg.png
Motto"Equidad en la Justicia" (German)
"God is with us"
AnthemHimno Nacional Mexicano

CapitalMexico City
Official languages Spanish
Demonym Mexican
Government Monarchy, Fascist single-party totalitarian dictatorship
 -  Emperor Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen
 -  Caudillo Luis Guillermo Valencia Huitron
Legislature Congress of Mexico
 -  Flag of Cross of Burgundy New Spain 1521 
 -  Flag of Mexican Empire2 First Mexican Empire 27 September 1821 
 -  Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1893) Provisional Government of Mexico 1 April 1823 
 -  Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1893) First Mexican Republic 1 November 1823 
 -  Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1893) Centralist Republic of Mexico 23 October 1835 
 -  Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1893) Second Federal Republic of Mexico 22 August 1846 
 -  Bandera del Segundo Imperio Mexicano (1864-1867) Second Mexican Empire 10 July 1863 
 -  Flag of Mexico (1934-1968) Mexico 19 June 1867 
 -  Bandera del Segundo Imperio Mexicano (1864-1867) Empire of Mexico 1 December 1940 
Currency Mexican peso (Mex$)
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .mx
Calling code +52

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