The Korean Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Korean peninsula, at times covered some of north Asian coast.
KOrean flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Greatest extent of the Korean Empire
The Greatest Extent of the Korean Empire

光明天地 (Sinican (Chinese))
("Let there be Light across the World")

Capital and Largest City Seoul (首爾)
Language Sinican (Chinese)
Religion Confuscianism, Taoism
Demonym Korean
Government Monarchy
  legislature Emperor
First Emperor Emperor Taejo 太祖
  Royal house: House of Kim
Established 636 (117 BC)

The Foundation of the Korean Empire

During the ambitious First Han Dynasty the Kingdom of Korea was conquered and brought under the hegemony of the Emperor of Sinica. Korea had developed a culture that was unique to its region. That culture spoke differently from the Sinicans and their peninsula served as a bridge between the Empires of Sinica and Japan. The development of Korea while under Han dominion gave it the resources to establish its own kingdom when it was able to take such an opportunity. After the First Sinican Civil War, which brought an end to the Han Dynasty and started the Second Warring States Period, Korea sought to make its claim to the world. They extended up the coasts of Asia and even were so bold as to take the island of Kuye 庫頁 (Sakhalin) above Hokkaido. The Kingdom of Bei was the main enemy of the Korean Empire, as the Japanese were yet to attack mainalnd Korea. Bei and Korea maintained many different aspects of war but they were not able to hold them up in the end. The large Japanese Empire encircled the Koreans and eventually took most of their most valuable land. The Japanese left the peninsula to the Koreans out of a treaty with the SInicans and they ignored it from then on. Korea chose to remain nonaligned in the years after the loss of its greatness though it was able to extend itself to the Tamen 圖們 and Yalu 鴨綠 River.

List of Emperors of Korea

Emperor Taejo 太祖 636-652 (117-101 BC)

Emperor Chadae 次大 652-659 (101-94 BC)

Chadae was killed during the Koreo-Japanese War. Korea became a colony for fourteen years until the Treaty of Putian was signed in 677 (80 BC).

Emperor Sindae 新大 677-694 (80-59 BC)

Emperor Nammu 男武 694-716 (59-37 BC)

Emperor Dongcheon 東襄 716-725 (37-26 BC)

Emperor Jungcheon 中襄 725-739 (26-14 BC)

Emperor Bongsang 鴙葛 739-749 (14-4 BC)

Emperor Micheon 好攘 749-765 (4 BC-12 AD)

Emperor Yangno 藥盧 765-782 (12-29 AD)

Emperor Sapsiru 插矢婁 782-799 (29-46 AD)

Emperor Gogugwon 故國原 799-807 (46-54 AD)

Emperor Sosurim 小獸林 807-816 (54-63 AD)

Emperor Yiryeon 伊連 816-827 (63-74 AD)

Emperor Damdeok 談德 827-831 (74-78 AD)
Restored Korea

Restored Korea after the Second Sino-Japanese War

Emperor Jangsu 長壽 831-844 (78-91 AD)

Emperor Goryeon 高璉 844-856 (91-103 AD)

Emperor Na'un 羅雲 856-864 (103-111 AD)

Emperor Bojeong 寶廷 864-877 (111-124 AD)

Conquered by the Second Han Dynasty

Emperor Yangwon 陽崗 902-924 (149-171 AD) Restored their independence after the Second Sino-Japanese War. There was no immediate reaction by the Sinicans.

Emperor Yangseong 陽成 924-943 (171-190 AD)

Emperor Georyeon 巨連 943-961 (190-208 AD)

Emperor Soryeon 小連 961-978 (208-225 AD)

Emperor Jangseong 長成 978-993 (225-240 AD)

Emperor Bocheon 寶襄 993-1008 (240-255 AD)

Emperor Pyeong'an 平安 1008-1022 (255-269 AD)

Emperor Heung'un 興雲 1022-1046 (269-293 AD)

Emperor Goguyang 故國攘 1046-1065 (293-312 AD)

Emperor Cheonggye 靑稽 1065-1078 (312-325 AD)

Emperor Buyeohui 扶餘暉 1078-1084 (325-331 AD)

Emperor Chimnyu 枕流 1084-1098 (331-345 AD)

Emperor Saban 沙泮 1098- (345- AD)


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