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Empire of Greater Bohemia and Poland
Císařství vyššího Česka a Polska (1306-1587)
Timeline: Premyslid Bohemia
BohemiaFlag Bohemian Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Bohemia in 1307
The Kingdom in 1307.
Capital Prague
Largest city Prague
Other cities Pilsen, Brno, Warsaw, Krakow
Language Czech
Roman Catholic
  others Jewish
Ethnic Group Bohemians
Empire of Greater Bohemia and Poland was created in 1306 by Wenceslaus III as follow up state to Kingdom of Bohemia and Kingdom of Poland after he defeated Wladyslaw I in Poland - Bohemia War. He became emperor in 1306 but was officially crowned by Henry VII of Luxembourg (who supported him) in 1308 when he became the Holy Roman Emperor. It was only state in this part of Europe until its official destruction in 1587 and reclassifaction as the Duchy of Bohemia and Stewart I. Prior to this there were three duchies in the Empire: Duchies of Warsaw, Pilsen and Opavia.

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