Empire of Canada (English)
Empire du Canada (French)
Timeline: North American Monarchies

OTL equivalent: Canada
[[Image:Canada north american monarchies.pngFlag]] [[Image:Canada coa north american monarchies.pngCoat of Arms]]
[[Image:Canada (orthographic projection).svgLocation of Canada]]
Capital Ottawa
Largest city Toronto
Language English, French
Religion Roman Catholic (royal)
Ethnic Groups
British, French
  others Iroquois, Inuit, Chinese
Demonym Canadian
Government Constitutional monarchy
  legislature Parliament
Emperor John III
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  water (%) 891,163
Population 34,057,000 
Established July 1, 1867
Independence from Great Brittan
  declared June 23, 1865
  recognized August 3, 1870
Currency Canadian dollar $
Time Zone UTC -3.5 to UTC -8
  summer UTC -2.5 to UTC -7
Calling Code 011
Internet TLD .ca
Organizations NATO, NACM

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